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Food Is Still Interesting At Home

Having returned home, I quickly resumed my old routines. I eat at the same places and do the same things. But today I decided to try a new restaurant that I’ve wanted to try since I started going to Park University.

Cafe des Amis is a French restaurant on the second floor of a building that is only a couple of minutes away from my school. I have never been here before for a couple of reasons. One, I find it difficult to break my routine and try something new. Two, despite its convenient location it’s hours have never lined up well with my school schedule. They close between lunch and dinner, and my schedule seems to always line up perfectly to miss out. I thought about coming here for dinner, but I never think of it and don’t know who would be interest in French food.

The interior is very nice with a fancier-feeling table setup but a more relaxed atmosphere.


While I waited for my food a bread and butter basket was brought out. I normally enjoy the bread course more than I necessarily should (aka: I need to stop filling up on bread…) but this bread was spectacular! It was brought out warm with two types of butter, one plain and one with an herb in it. I don’t know what herb it was, but it was lightly flavored and very good. It was the type of bread that is fluffy inside and crunchy on the outside. The fact that it was sliced meant that I didn’t make a huge mess out of the crumbs like I usually would.



I ordered the quiche Loraine based on the waiter’s suggestion, and it was very good. It came with salad with a sweet vinaigrette and a baked tomato on top. The quiche itself was very good. It was moist and very flavorful. The crust was very thin and blended in well. I thought it was good like that, but I don’t have much experience with different quiches and their crusts!


I was very tempted to try one of their desserts, but they are a little pricy and I’m planning on baking when I get home. (I really want to try a soufflĂ© someday!)

(And, really, it is nice to not have to worry about whether I will have enough cash or small enough bills. I can be confidant that they will take a credit card!)