Plaza Restaurant Grill

Today I was in the Plaza area again and looking for food. I ran into one of the two artists that I have bought pictures from, and he asked me what I was looking for. When I said I was looking for food, he offered to show me to a good place with a good menú.

A menú is a set menu where you can choose from a list of items in different categories. For example, a menú may have an appetizer, a soup, and a main course that you can choose from four or five items listed. These seem to come out to be about 20-30 s/., or $7-$10. So far, I have been ordering off the regular menus. I had actually had the intention of trying a menú tonight, but I looked at the menu and chose a different option.

I once again had a lovely view of the plaza from the second floor window seat I had. It was different at night time, but still very beautiful. I made sure to sit where I could both look out of the window and observe the restaurant, which was beautifully decorated.


My waiter was very helpful with his suggestions. His first suggestion was for a lemonade. After asking if it was made with bottled water instead of tap water I decided to try it. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to ask if it had egg in it. When I got it, it was a pale yellow and a little fluffy. I didn’t think too much of it until I had drank a bit. Then the white egg foam started to separate from the lemonade. I really should have taken a picture of the separated drink, but I didn’t think of it. It was really very good. Raw egg in a drink sounds odd, but my dad has told me that they used to do this all the time. All this time of being careful of raw vegetables and I accidentally eat a raw egg! Maybe I can stop being so cautious now!


I ordered a trout dish. After asking my waiter’s opinion on the four trout dishes offered, I got the trout “lo gusto,” which the waiter said meant “how you like it,” but I think there was a translation issue. This phrase in the US would mean that you have some choice on how it is prepared. Here, it just meant that it was very good fish. I think.

The plate was beautifully prepared, and there was plenty of good food. The vegetables were a little bland, and the fries were fries. There was nothing special about them. But, the trout was amazing. There were no bones, but the skin was on the bottom. For one point, the fish was probably much fresher than is easily available in Missouri. For another, the seasoning was wonderful and strong without being overpowering.


When I finished eating, I left and had this wonderful view of the mountains around the city. It was dark, so all I could see were the lights. There was no hint of the mountains, so it was just a cluster of floating lights. It was stunning.



I finished the night with another ice cream cone. I got lime again because it was really good the other night. It is sweet with a hint of tartness. You can almost taste the peel, but not enough to make it taste bitter or off-putting. Only enough that I can tell that it is made with an actual lime instead of whatever goes into the lime sorbet at home.


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