First Stop: Airport

I am currently sitting in the KCI airport contemplating the combination of a gurgling stomach and an upcoming plane flight. For me, I always get nervous before a trip. When the airplane takes off, my stomach settles down.

I think that part of the stress from before a trip comes from my need to plan extensively. I like to put together a detailed trip before I leave. Unlike most of my trips in the past, this one has a lot of uncertainty. I don’t know much about the area. I don’t know when my classes are. I don’t know anything about my roommates.

Despite the amount I don’t know about this trip, I do know a lot of what to expect. I was very lucky to have my dad there to help me out with getting everything put together and figure everything out. He helped me put together everything, including this blog.

I am going to miss home while I’m gone. This is the longest trip I’ve ever taken. My mom and dad both drove me to the airport, and we grabbed some breakfast at Cracker Barrel.


1 thought on “First Stop: Airport

  1. Steve

    It’s true, Callie you are a planner. And it’s also true that in life, you can’t plan for every eventuality. Some people may not care, but for the planners of the world, it’s sometimes frustrating that you can’t plan for everything. But the surprises are part of the fun–something I have learned over many years, and part of what makes the surprises fun and not scary or unpleasant is how you respond to them, and Callie–in addition to being a planner, you are also extremely resourceful and is well-equipped to make the most of the things that go according to plan, and the things that don’t. So have fun, enjoy a fantastic opportunity to meet amazing and interesting people, and learn about an culturae that dates well into antiquity. I’ve always been proud of you, and you’ll represent your school and yourself well in Cusco, I’m sure. Take cool pictures, remember good stories, and push yourself to engage people in Spanish, and you’ll end up enjoying it, I’ll bet. You’ll just be disappointed at how quickly you finish!!!!

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